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“Bullying at work” is a problematic area of employment law making it imperative to obtain guidance from a specialist employment solicitor if you have been the victim of a bully in your workplace. Bullying at work can be difficult to distinguish from flagrant harassment however bullying is often more frequent and by its very nature is more calculating or shrewd. Incidents of bullying will usually go unnoticed by co-workers and superiors and individual incidences are easy to overlook because they may seem harmless. Co-workers may inadvertently go along with the abusive conduct believing it to be a joke but viewed as a whole these episodes can be identified as bullying which shows a pattern of abusive behaviour. Bullying tactics are often cunning in that they are designed to make the injured party feel inferior and alone which can quickly affect the employee’s mental and physical health. Examples of bullying at work include:-

Workplace Bullying Law

No single statute completely addresses bullying at work. The Employment Tribunal and civil courts instead often depend on the wording of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Race Relations Act 1976 to determine intent. Employees who may be considering applying to the Employment Tribunal on the basis of a claim for bullying at work should consider the following legislation which may clarify some of the issues:

No Win No Fee Solicitors

Our specialist solicitors deal with employment compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme known as a conditional fee arrangement. A previously agreed percentage of any damages settlement is the basis for legal fees due under a no win no fee agreement. If the solicitor doesn’t win compensation for you then you aren’t obligated to pay anything.