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There are over 60 million people living in the UK of whom over 20 million people are above the age of 50. This portion of the populace will continue to grow as improvements in medicine ensure that society as a whole have prolonged lives with improved health even in advanced age. The result of prolonged and healthier lifespans means that people are staying longer in the workforce whereas previously the elderly looked toward retirement at age 65. Age discrimination solicitors are very familiar with cases where employees older than 50 years are the focus of injustice. Some managers exhibit unlawful bias against older workers which makes them reluctant to employ more senior workers. It is also important to consider that age prejudice can impinge on job opportunities for the young just as easily as it does for older workers as a result of which the age discrimination legislation applies to all workers both young and old.

All workers are entitled to protection from age discrimination, the legislation does not depend upon a minimum or maximum age, nor does the protection begin or end at a certain age. Employers that breach age based discrimination law may have to pay unlimited compensation upon application to an Employment Tribunal by an age discrimination solicitor.

Legitimate exceptions to this criteria do exist. The employer may legally require people of a certain age to perform a particular function, such as TV/film roles or for modeling clothes.

Matters Concerning Age Discrimination

Proving a case of age discrimination can be difficult. Age discrimination is often more perplexing than the simple denial of employment due to a person exceeding a specific age or not having reached a specific age. A few of the multiple topics considered by age discrimination solicitors are as follows:-

No Win No Fee Solicitors

Our age discrimination solicitors deal with employment compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme known as a conditional fee arrangement. A previously agreed percentage of any damages settlement is the basis for legal fees due under a no win no fee agreement. If the solicitor doesn’t win compensation for you then you aren’t obligated to pay anything.