Individuals that have been discriminated against or received unfair treatment due to a disability may be eligible for compensation from an employer. Or, if you think you were wrongfully terminated from employment because of a disability, one of our disability specialists can intervene on your behalf and negotiate a settlement with your employer for reinstatement or compensatory damages. Call our helpline to discuss your petition or claim. If you wish to instruct one of our solicitors to act on your claim with your employer or if that fails to make application to the Employment Tribunal, we will negotiate a settlement.

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Disability Discrimination Act 1995:

The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 defines a disability as “an impairment of mental or physical abilities, which has a considerable and continuous adverse effect on the capacity to carry-on routine daily actions.” Under the Act, employers may not single out persons with disabilities, meaning they must be treated as equals in all areas as their co-workers that are non-disabled. Employers and service providers must provide disabled workers with the same opportunity for promotions, positions of increased responsibility, work assignments, access to facilities and services, the ability to buy goods, as well as the liberty to buy or rent property. The Disability Discrimination Act additionally includes provisions for persons that suffer from multiple sclerosis, HIV or AIDS, limited sight or hearing and full loss of the same and includes serious deformation.

Prudent solicitors must weigh or contemplate the following before negotiating a disability claim and show a long-term condition exists:

Impairments that have an effect or have been determined to have an effect on the individual’s capacity to do regular or routine functions or actions if any of the following are jeopardised:

Although not specifically endorsed in the Act, physical impairment stemming from one or more of the following may be treated as a disability in rare cases:

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Types of disability discrimination:

According to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, an employer or service provider cannot:

However, an employer must carry out “reasonable adjustments” in the workplace to include:

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Disability law for employers & employees:

Persons with disabilities are a growing part of today’s workforce; employers cannot ignore the qualifications of these valued employees and must upgrade the workplace to accommodate them.

One of our solicitors experienced in disability discrimination employment law can advise you on the adjustments an employer needs to make to their policies to avoid disputes and complications arising from outdated employment practices surrounding dealings with employees with disabilities. Call our helpline to get a better perception of the requirements.

Our disability discrimination law officers routinely assist persons with many different disabilities to secure the rights endorsed by the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995. Whether you had problems with a superior or a service provider based on your disability, contact our helpline to speak with one of our professionals in disability discrimination law. Using the no win no fee scheme we can offer you a risk-free resolution.

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Free legal consultation:

A previously agreed upon percentage of any settlement is the basis for all fees due under a no win no fee* payment agreement. Instruct one of our skillful professionals to negotiate a settlement for you today. If the solicitor doesn’t win, you aren’t obligated to pay anything. Call our helpline to speak with a highly qualified lawyer, or in the case of the hearing impaired, send an email. We can give you confidential advice on the phone or in an email.